The variety of jewelry so many, each jewelry has its unique temperament, various types of jewelry Alphabet & Symbols, the shooting practices and performance methods are also different. They are beautifully crafted, chic, light color bright. Shooting, should fully demonstrate its accuracy, beauty and its value. From the selection of jewelry, it can be divided into: diamond, jade, precious stones, crystal, platinum, gold, pearls, agate, K gold, silver and simulation class, including simulation imitation diamond, imitation gem, (Rhodium-plated), imitation pearls and other imitation. "Diamond forever, a permanent spread," a symbol of love, diamond eternal and faithful, after a time of tempered, and finally to the most glorious glory in the world. Jade is the witness of history, since ancient times, jade gives the blessing of wealth and good fortune, to bring people changes in the times. Gem colorful, is a fairy, they will be embedded in the dress or the crown is how colorful, so they will always be aristocratic favorite. Crystal is the embodiment of purity, crystal clear, spotless. Platinum represents the elegant temperament, and gold reflects the elegant, magnificent. Pearl set elegant and noble in one, without rendering. Agate represents the maternal, people full of security. K gold and simulation of luxury goods is the pursuit of modern people in another way, her changing shape, but the price is reasonable and become the new focus of attention. Silver is the avant-garde family to follow the object, she can design an exaggerated shape, can win the love of young people.The following brief description of the relevant characteristics of diamond jewelry and shooting requirements: A, diamond jewelry light distribution: diamond jewelry features Is that diamonds in the processing after the formation of a number of cutting surface, the cutting surface in the light irradiation, reflecting numerous light, so will let the diamond sparkle. To shoot such a bright effect. In the light should be used on the fill light method, to play a different surface brightness, different edges of the high-light, so that the edges produce a clear light. But if you want to completely eliminate the reflective jewelry, he can use tent-style lighting, with a seamless paper in the top of the arrangement of jewelry and set up around a "tent." Not only to cover the surrounding and the top, but also to cover the front, and then open a hole in the above, so that the lens into the shooting, but the hole can not be too large, just into the lens and light can. Sometimes the light is simply on the outside of it. The "tent" for indirect indirect lighting. So that the light can be uniform, there is no unnecessary jewelry reflective. "Tent" type of light distribution method, light uniformity, whether it is a positive side of the diamond or diamonds are taken out of the shine effect, can give full play to the diamond cutting surface of the reflection effect.