Have to say that the name played very seconds. In Greek mythology, Pandora was a beauty created by Zeus in retaliation for Prometheus, and in order that she could easily be seduced into mortals, the gods gave her all the best talent as a woman. In ancient Greek, Pandora is all-gifted, with all the meaning of talent.


Some just entered the "Pan" sister, wanted to slowly close the beads, the results did not have two months to fill a string. No wonder called Pandora, just like Pandora Box in general, once opened to collect it!


"The beginning to buy three, behind that is not enough, constantly slowly plus, on the one hand is vanity, because others see are a lot of beads, and on the one hand, and others will not hit ... feel Is a shiny little public wood has ah ".


Pandora most characteristic is the "Charm" string ornaments, each string of ornaments represent different meanings, you can arbitrarily stacked. A bracelet can string up to 17 Charm, that is, you can represent the owner of the bracelet 17 unusual commemorative moments in life. Pandora is a storytelling brand, you can DIY your bracelet, tell your own story