Share a Pandora bracelet lettering Bracelets true and false identification methods, these days and some new friends into the pit of the Pan Friends of chat and found some Pan Friends of not see


Understand the lettering, that is S925ALE is true, in fact, not.

Overall, Pandora's lettering Charms or a certain law


, Here and share with you, lettering S925 ALE S and 9 between the more than half a character of the gap, A amount of cross-lateral, two

The legs are short. Such as forgetful cat I have this hollow Collections side of the beads, you can see the location of the lettering is S925 ALE each prefix on the

Should be the hollow position, to see the hollow or the connection, the corresponding hollow and the connection is what shape, you can go online

Find a genuine picture contrast. Of course, this method applies to most of the beads Necklaces, lettering in different countries and regions are genuine though          There is a certain difference, the method is for reference only. Pandora bracelet custom, made some new pictures every day for everyone to enjoy,